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UK – Green and Pleasant Land!

The UK is composing of Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Nowadays, the UK has become a favorite European tourist Destination for all.  The UK has more historic cities, beautiful countryside, top-notch museums, and wonderful theatres too. Would you like to visit that place?

If so, get ready to explore this fascinating country.

In the UK, there are more distinct places from medieval castles to stately mansions and the awe-inspiring scenery of Lake Cities and the Scottish Islands. Here the top bestplaces to visit in the UKare listed below:

  1. London – Capital city of the UK gif maker

The Famous quote about London is ‘When a person is tired of London he is tired of life’. One of the most diverse and exciting cities on earth, London is the capital city of England.

The City filled with history, museums and art galleries, excellent dining and shopping, beautiful green parks, as well as the vibrant theatre scene.

Definitely, you should visit the Tower of London. Beside the tower bridge on the banks of the themes, this palace and prison incorporate highlights such as 1,000-year-old iconic White Tower, display of armor and weaponry, and the Jewel-house

It is impossible to go on a trip to the UK without visiting London.


  1. Edinburgh – Castle Rock of Scotland

edinburgh castleEdinburgh, most of Scotland’s attractive city as well as the capital of Edinburgh also one of the UK most visited destinations.

More famous for its well-preserved historic buildings and it is home to the majestic Edinburgh Castle. If you want to visit Edinburgh, you need to be ready to experience history from cobblestone streets to Edinburgh Castle. It is an iconic place of Scotland’s capital.

In Edinburgh, there are more than 4, 500 historic buildings, sites, old and new town. The new town is not new and it is best known for its neoclassical architecture.


  1. Stonehenge – Ancient Hanging stones

eh stonhenge 0174 2013Stonehenge is one of the oldest World Heritage Sites on the planet. It is situated at the place of pilgrimage for more than 4, 500 years. People believed this as a place of worship.

The Stonehenge consists of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stone, which is situated in southwest England.

As well as it is home to some important Neolithic and Bronze age structure in the UK, and has 200 schedules monuments.

From 2500BC, bronze and Neolithic age man start to get Bluestones and Sarsen stories from Wales and the Marlborough Downs.

  1. Bath – Water of Sulis

sacred spring jon craigBath is a name derived from the Roman Baths and it is one of the favorite destinations of the British elite. Here, people can get experience the preserved baths and also the wealth of small museums housed in restored traditional buildings.

Generally, Bath is rapidly increasing fame with some fine dining that will delight visiting foodies. So, you should try the famous bath buns, sweet dough balls sprinkled with sugar. Bath is also popular for its lovely Georgian architecture and it is the magnificent one.

  1. York – York Shire

Yorkshire lead 2York is a walled city with a rich heritage and it is located where the River Foss meets the River Ouse. There are impressive numbers of attractions that are covered in the space of the ancient city.

The York Minster is one of the city’s landmarks and the commanding stone cathedral is filled with remarkable artworks. As well as it is one of the largest pedestrian zones in Europe


  1. Cornwall – Modern Day Wales

porthcurno cornwallMost of the people eager to visit Cornwall and if you come to coastal holidays and gateways, very few places are existing in the UK that can match the breathtaking scenery and beaches of Cornwall.

In Cornwall, the southwestern coastal part is considered as a gem for hiking lovers and many of the bays on the North Coast that provides you the best surfing spots.

It doesn’t matter the town is how big or small, it has its own hidden pubs, walks, and beaches.

It is a Peninsula that provides rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean on its north side as well as golden beaches are loved by visitors. Still, it wonders you!


  1. Cambridge – Top Cambridge Shire University

Cambridge3The Charming English City, Cambridge is located on the River Cam north of London. The University of Cambridge is home to one of the top universities in the world. Here, you can expect all the cultural and entertainment options from a college town. One of the most visited sites in the city is the King’s College Chapel that located along the River Cam. It is considered to be a fine example of Perpendicular Gothic architecture.


  1. Cotswolds – Enclosure in rolling Hillside

Melksham Court55 1Undoubtedly, Cotswolds is one of the beautiful and most photographed corners of the UK. It is situated in the west of London. It is an easy day trip and very close to some popular tourist attractions of Bath and Bristol.

The Cotswolds comprised of some best part of the country such as Worcestershire, Somerset, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, and Wiltshire.

Other fun things include horseback riding and biking or simply shopping in popular market towns such as Castle Combe or Tetbury.


  1. Wonderful Windsor – House of Windsor

Wonderful Windsor is the historic town and it is located at short train ride west of London. Here, you can do a lot of fun things and also it has lovely Thames-side setting and medieval half-timbered buildings on quaint, old cobblestone laneways.

This historic town of Windsor is also a home to spectacular Windsor Castle which is the most popular of the UK’s royal castles.

This Windsor Highlights consist of Splendid state Apartment that contains Queen’s Gallery and dining hall, painted ceilings and wood carvings and St.George Chapel popular for the Knights.


You must visit the UK and just take a train or bus to explore the beautiful areas. The UK is a totally unique and amazing one that has more cities like London, Scotland, etc. Plan your next staycation to explore the gorgeous country, delicious food, and stunning beaches. Now, you find the best places to visit in the UK, just you will love it.

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