“Forest is a quiet place and travels into the forest is, to lose the mind and find the soul.”

Nature is a beautiful art by god in which living columns sometimes emit with a lot of meanings. A forest is a symbol of nature which emits beautiful nature and sceneries. The scene of nature gives pleasure feeling to the body and soul. A forest walk in the forest helps the man in many ways. It reduced his tension, blood pressure and he gets natural oxygen without any mixture of pollutions. The environment creates the best mood and positive thinking around him. Medically proven that forest walk reduces the possibilities of cancer. In the forest, there are dense of trees which help the man to immune good oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide which helps his body to stabilize in a constant state and make him free from pollution and stress. Dr. advises going for a forest walk. Just because of this nature and mental free mind, the brain of the human starts to work in a better manner. The environment creates many cognitive skills in the brain.

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In this article, we are going to see about theforest travelin U.K. and its places around the United Kingdom and its benefits.

To start with theforest travel, we see the importance of the UK in the forest. The UK believes that forest is our natural growth and we should maintain and preserve the forest. They give importance in the planting of trees, to maintain fertility in the soil, increase the growth rate of hardwood trees and they do protect trees from fungus, bacteria, and pest by frequent monitoring and clear the damage threats.

Cardinham Woods, Cornwall

The first choice of the most interesting place to visit inforest travel in Cornwall. It’s fully loaded with a large number of big trees and tall trees. It’s a patch of Woodland. One gets a pleasant feeling inside the forest based on the monsoon. When you go during the winter, you feel more chill and excited and soon the forest becomes dark during winter and spring season. During summer, you could enjoy the beauty of nature and you won’t feel hot when you are inside the forest area. Your places are fully surrounded by a bunch of trees and sweet songs of birds make your mood very peasant and most memorable.

When you go deep into the forest, you lost yourself and start to search for your soul. The vibrations of the forest give new energy to the body and make you free from all your worries. This is the reason many poets start to write songs. Actually, when you feel calm and silence you can take good and better decisions for your life and problems. To search you inside you, better go forforest travelwhich gives more thrilling to your life and yield with more fruits inside the soul.

Gwydir Forest Park

Gwydir Forest Park is a park located in the United Kingdom.  It’s a place located between Capel Curig and Betws y Coed. This is the heart of the Snowdonia Mountain. This is a forest surrounded by a lake, trees, and mountains. In this forest, a large number of wild animals and a huge number of birds are lived. You can see a variety of bird’s family withier lovely colors and sizes.  The song of the birds without any musical instrument really makes you feel great inside the body and soul. The tourist and the soul searchers choose this place for trekking, cycling, forest walking, and jogging. Early morning walking and jogging in this forest gives good oxygen to the body and makes you feel fresh for the whole day. The forest environment gives much positive energy and positive thinking to the human.

Tollymore Forest Park, Co Down

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In Ireland,Tollymore Forest Park is the first state park established in 1955. Its located at Bryansford near New Castle. This forest is surrounded by a large number of trees and rivers. This forest has four walking trails in which the longest trail is called a “long haul trail” which covers 13 km distance.  The official name of Tollymore is Slieve Neir and Slieve Snaran. Tollymore refers to two hills. The forest is covered with Oak trees. This oak is used in interior design and in Titanic ship the major interior parts are designed with this forest Oak trees. The river Shimna flows in the forest crossing 16 bridges approximately. The location of the Tollymore captures the viewer’s eye. It’s the most preferable place of forest lovers worldwide. This forest is widely used for campaigns and caravans. Most of theforest travel people preferred this location to explore the nature of beauty. Many films, movies, and TV serials are shooted in this spot. This is one of the audience and travelers favorite choices.

Grizedale, Cumbria

This forest is located in England. This forest is made of many types of woodland, hills, and mountains surrounded by small tarn. This is the most popular touristicforest travel destination with mountain biking, forest walking, children playground, 16-bed hostel, education center, biking, café, and assault course. In this forest, they conduct two rallies called the Malcolm Wilson Rally and Grizedale Stages Rally according to Coniston.

Kielder Forest, Northumberland

This is a forest situated in Northumberland, U.K. This forest is covered with Kielder village and a water reservoir. In England, three-quarters of its 250 square miles are covered with full woodlands. This forest is dominated by conifers and spruce. Some of the other spices cultivated here are Norway spruce, larch, birch, cherry, willow, beech, and Oak.

The major timber is harvested in Kielder Forest. The forest planned to use the open space for the cultivation of more trees and plants. The forest walk in this forest gives great pleasure and more excitement to the body.

InKielder Forest, you can see many birds and wild animals roaming around. This is the most widely used place for animals. 50% of the red squirrels population lives in this forest. You can see a large number of deer inside the forest. The population is very low in Kielder Village, which leads many animals to live happily and peacefully. The forest has skyspace and an astronomical observatory. In 2010, the Kielder Marathon was conducted for the surrounding people of Kielder Village.

Hackfall Wood, North Yorkshire

When you plan forforest travel,obviously we think of planning to visit a place which has natural beauty and place which is usually calm and silent. Hackfall Wood is a place to fulfill your dreams. Hackfall Wood is one of the most beautiful forests in U.K. The major beauty of this forest occurs by man. Many of the parts in this forest are created by man. In Hackfal Wood, you can see many fountains, surprise waterfalls, and grottoes that were created by human beings in the 19th century. This beautiful Hack fall Forest is located in North Yorkshire. When you plan forforest travel, don’t forget to include Hackfall Wood in your itinerary. The government doesn’t charge for the visit in this forest. The public is allowed to view the terrace for free of cost in the timing 11 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. every day. You can have a leisure walk in this forest at least for 2 hours and enjoy the beauty of nature and man created fountains.

Hatfield Forest, Essex

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Hatfield forest is located in Essex. This is a perfect place for leisure, walking, walking with pets and running or riding. The walkers can enjoy walking with miles of a path with natural sceneries and beautiful moistures. There is a lake in the forest with pure water. Boating and fishing are allowed to enjoy the day inside the forest. It’s a perfect place to spend with family and get together parties with friends. The children have many outdoor activities inside the forest, to make their day more fun and joy. Many birds and deer come to the lake for their thirsty. You get a chance of seeing wild animals and birds inside the forest. Inside the forest café, restaurants, shopping areas, and fruit shops are available to spend your time.

Ashdown Forest, East Sussex

Ashdown forest is situated in the county of Sussex, which is 30 miles from London. This forest is a rich archaeological heritage. It’s widely spread with its natural beauty. Many villages located at the edge of this forest. Ashdown is a forest of a kind not fully loaded with woodlands, it’s a mixture of heat and woodland which helps the wild animals and deer to go for pasture browsing and to protect them with woodland thickets. In this type of forest, you can see many birds living in this forest with their family and nestle. For the lovers of a bird lover, this is an opt place to visit with their beloved ones. The forest has four main bird habitats. Open lowland heath, Open area of grassland, Scrub areas, and mixed woodland of oak, birch and Scots pine. Deer live widely in this forest. Red deer is the most famous animal which is mainly hunted in this forest. Forest commission takes several steps to prohibit hunting of deer’s. Many deer get a collision with vehicles on roads. For tourist attractions, the government has taken several steps to increase the tourist in this forest. It opens café, restaurant, Nutley Windmill, Vachery Forest Garden and The Airman’s Grave and there is a park inside for children play. This is the best place to spend time with family and friends.

Hamsterley Forest, Durham

Hamsterley Forestis a commercial forest located in Durham. The forest has a trail of four miles which helps the forest walk to enjoy the beauty of the forest in the day time. The walk inside the forest of woodland is more stunning and excited. There are many events conducted in this forest. Family evens, Friends Evens, Sports Events, Theater, and Music Events and many Historic Events. When you plan forforest travel,this U.K. Hamsterley Forest makes your travel most memorable and unforgettable trip with your family and friends. Hamsterley Forest has many activities such as Cycling, Trekking, Riding, Golf, Fishing, Horse Riding, Walking, Forest Walking, Adventure Walking, Running and many more. There is a cathedral church and a Museum inside the Forest, which helps the regional people to stay there for a few more days. The silence inside the forest and the church give peace of mind to the body and soul. The entertainment parts also present in the forest. Some of the main entertainment events conducted are Family Fun, Water games, Waterfall and reservoirs. Museum and galleries and Gardens and Parks are present inside the forest for more fun and entertainment. Many wedding events took place in this forest. Don’t miss this place during yourforest travel in U.K.

Puzzlewood, Gloucestershire

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Puzzle Wood, is an ancient woodland site in England. This Woodland is located in the forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The forest is covered with 14 acres. This Forest is used in many filmy shootings and TV serials. When you plan for a one-dayforest travel plan this Puzzle wood is the best option with your family and kid, or for an individual visitor for a party with friends.

Puzzlewood is a unique Woodland, with a lot of wild animals, café, restaurants, forest walk, an outdoor playground, and a willow maze. Many films are been shouted and all the movies are super hit. This is one of the main reasons as Puzzle wood has many tourists every year. The walking gives peace of mind to the body. The cottage is available inside to enjoy the beauty of the forest during night time.

These are theforest travelsinformation which you can use widely at the time of visit in U.K. For the nature lovers, wild animal lovers and the person need peace of mind and soul search make a trip to the forest and experience the incredibility inside the forest along with your friends and families. Forest is a nature that gives many useful ideas, income and good oxygen to our health and wealth. Preserve forest. Preserve Nature.

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