If you’ve ever gone hiking or camping, you know that the gear you carry makes a huge difference. Whether you’re preparing for a wilderness adventure or want to be prepared in case of emergencies, having the right equipment is essential.

The good news is that survival equipment has grown leaps and bounds since its origins. From new materials to amazing technology, it’s possible to enjoy travel comfort regardless of your situation. What exactly do you need to survive in the wilderness? While each person’s needs may vary, these are some important pieces to have on hand.

Sturdy Survival Watch

A watch can be one of your best assets when you’re in the wilderness and even just traveling. While each watch may vary slightly, they are durable and often contain a compass for easier navigation. The watch handle may be made of paracord that can be used in emergency situations.


The good news about these watches is that they’re both practical and stylish. They can be worn around the office or on your next wilderness trip without looking out of place. You’ll find both practicality and style with this option.

Durable Insulating Sleeping Bag


Sleeping bags are needed whenever you’re away from the option of a bed but you don’t want to settle for just any sleeping bag. Your old one from growing up simply isn’t a practical choice in the wilderness. What you should look for in a sleeping bag is durable construction that’s perfect for all seasons. A mummy sleeping bag is a great idea for extremely cold temperatures.

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Space and weight also make a significant difference in this material. Make sure that the bag folds or rolls down easily into a compression bag for easy carrying. When all your weight matters, you want to choose a bag that won’t slow you down.

Sturdy Travel Backpack

When you’re looking for a travel backpack, you may find that a laptop backpack is actually a great choice for your needs. These roomy backpacks contain multiple compartments with various pockets for ease of organization. Although you may not be bringing your laptop on your travels, many of these backpacks also have a charging port for any electronics you bring onto your trip.

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Another benefit of this choice is that the built-in sleeve contains foam padding which will insulate anything you carry that might be breakable or fragile. It’s compact design also makes it easy to carry.

Essential Travel Wearables

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Travel wearables today encompass some of the best of technology today. This type of technology is designed to measure fitness, work as a GPS, monitor blood pressure and more. Most travel wearables are available as a smartwatch although other options exist as well. You can make calls, take pictures, and more with this amazing technology.

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Make Your Selections

Now that you have an idea of what you need to survive in the wilderness, it’s time to make your choices. Make sure that you get your wilderness items early and learn how they work. There’s no time like the present so don’t delay these essential preparations.

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